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Mask Templates

Kids Mask Factory is designed to allow both kids and parents to design masks. This is done by creating a mask template with the program from a number of face parts provided. There are quite a few to choose from; also there are a growing number of mask template (or mask packs) which are available. Mask packs provide extra themed face parts to the program.

However, Kids Mask Factory is much more than a mask template maker. It also allows masks to be coloured in within the program. Coloured freehand drawn lines and flood fill can be used to great effect. These features are extra features which can be turned off to allow parents to control how the program is used. Parents might what their children to colour in the mask template with felt tip pen instead.

Whichever way you use Kids Mask Factory once you or your child had designed the mask, simple print and cut it out so the child can wear it.

Kids Mask Factory provides hours of fun for kids, you can also buy extra packs when the child eventually gets bored.

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