Find a Place to Volunteer in Las Vegas

With the hustle and bustle of The Strip in Las Vegas, it can be easy for locals to become jaded and forget the beauty of the community. Something that is incredibly important to the human experience is connecting with others and finding a way to help one another live happy and fulfilling lives. I know what you are thinking, volunteering sounds cheesy. When you have not been volunteering, it is easy to be cynical about the process. You hear stories about poorly managed non-profits and you wonder if your hours spent volunteering can even make a difference. It is important for both the individual volunteering and the needs of our community, for us to shake this mindset and start building our neighbors up. That is why this blog is going to focus on some important places in Las Vegas that you can volunteer and start helping your community, and possibly learning about yourself, today. One of our biggest contributors is Vegas Towing Service who has been a large part of our growth through donations.

Las Vegas Rescue Mission


Las Vegas Rescue Mission is a wonderful place to volunteer because it focuses on many of the needs of Las Vegas residents that are going through hard times. With the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, there are daily meals provided for hungry neighbors, an emergency shelter, clothing donations for those who need it, and recovery programs for people battling addiction. If you would like to help the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, you can find out more about them at There are opportunities for volunteering, donating food, clothing and other products and more insight into the services provided and the mission of the organization. Do not let an opportunity to build community and be a part of the healing process for your neighbors, go to waste.

Clean the World


This particular organization is perfect for someone that wants to do something about resources that are wasted in the gigantic hospitality industry of Las Vegas. Clean the World recycles soap and hygiene products and then donates them to impoverished people. This helps to prevent hygiene-related deaths, illnesses and helps to create safe spaces for childhood development. You can find out more about what they do and what you can do to be a part at If you want to make a difference and hate environmental waste, this is the organization for you.

Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth


Homelessness is heartbreaking, but it is even more devastating to imagine vulnerable young people that are affected by it. This is becoming a terrible epidemic in the Las Vegas Valley and NPHY is tackling the issue head-on with care and love. This organization is providing vital services to Las Vegas homeless youth 24-hours a day. They work to stabilize the lives of these young people and get them on the path to self-sufficiency. To learn more about what you can do to help, go to and find out how you can donate and provide other support.


Changing the world for the better is never easy, but it can be done.

3 Great Communities Near Las Vegas

Everyone loves to talk about the tourist location of Las Vegas. The casinos and the bright lights of “the strip” make Las Vegas a party town. However, lots of folks are finding that the booming communities around Las Vegas provide great opportunities for financial growth and/or raising a family. If you are moving to the Las Vegas area for opportunity, but not looking to party all the time, we have some fantastic communities for you to look into. Check out these suburbs and nearby areas that can be great for families or empty nesters.



  • Boulder City
    About a half hour down I-515, you can find the gorgeous town of Boulder City. This is a wonderful spot if you are interested in finding a place near Las Vegas that is better suited for everyday life. With a smaller population, no casinos and wonderful shopping and restaurants, this is a great place to wake up every morning. With a location quite close to the Hoover Dam, you will be set up right by one of the most incredible engineering masterpieces in the U.S. You can take tours or simply walk around the exterior and admire. There are great places to eat throughout Boulder City, including the World Famous Coffee Cup, which many recognize after it was a featured on “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”. Since it is close to Vegas, you can still take trips in for business while enjoying a population of under 20,000. There are great golf courses and beautiful hiking trails in the mountains. This is guaranteed to be a happy place to live.





If you are looking to be a few minutes closer to the city, and are looking for a few more people than Boulder City has in its population, then Henderson is a great location. Henderson, NV is in Clark County and is the second largest city in Nevada with over 285,000 people. However, it definitely distinguishes itself from downtown Las Vegas. Henderson has been named the country’s second safest city by Forbes magazine and Bloomberg Businessweek called it “One of the Best Cities to Live in America”. Many people that have jobs in the hotels and casinos stay in Henderson, but the top employer is actually the City of Henderson itself. The city has some amazing places to visit, like the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve and Water Reclamation Facility. If you are looking for a great place to live, with safe neighborhoods, near Las Vegas, this is definitely the spot for you.





  • North Las Vegas
    Just a short drive north on I-15 from Las Vegas is the suburb of North Las Vegas, NV. This is another city with a population over 200,000 that is great for those moving to the Vegas area full time. North Las Vegas has a large system of open spaces, parks and leisure services that are managed by the city. If you like open-air fun and a great local library system, then North Las Vegas is a place you should look to move.



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